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Ampere Chart Recorder  
DBJY Recorder


DBJY Amp Chart Recorder is a kind of essential instruments to monitor and record the operating status of the submersible pumping unit for oil production and other type power supply systems. It functions by receiving a 0C5A input signal from the current transformer in the control system of the pumping Units. In-door and Out-door designs are available for option.
Operation Principle
DBJY Amp Chart Recorder operates with 0-5A AC current by AC current transformer as input signal, which will be applied to the both terminals of the primary coil on the transformer installed inside. When the current varies from 0 to 5A gradually, its secondary coil will induct and take the corresponding value. After the filtering process, it produces a variable DC current 0-120mA applied to on the deflection coil of the returning mechanism. The deflection coil will drive the recording pen through mechanism and the specific magnetic field of the returning unit for the corresponding records.
DBJY series recorders consist of returning mechanism, chart driving system, Transformer and accessory components, which is easy to be repaired and maintained

It is made by High quality steel sheet, with proper sealing, magnetic proof
Returning Mechanism:
Using new material and technology. It supplies a good ratability, sensitivity and integration due to its powerful driving movement and perfect hairspring. Chart
Driving Unit:
Electic clock driving system.Dual speed, 24 hours and 168 hours are exchangeable.Voltage AC 110V or 220V are available for option.
Transformer Unit
U type iron core with high quality enamel insulated wire is used with high efficiency.


Ambient Temperature
40 to +50
Relative Humidity:
Input Signal:
0-5A AC Current from the current transformer in the control panel
Measuring Range:
0-75; 0 -100A, 0-150A,     
2.5  of full scale
Dead band:
less than 1.5
Chart Speed:
Circular Chart 24H/cycle or 168 H/cycle exchangeable
Chart Driving Accuracy:
3min for 24 hours

AmpChart Papers


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