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Splicing Materials  
Splicing materials

Cable Splicing Materials
Cable splicing process is required for every electric submersible pumping unit since the motor lead extension cable has to be used to go from the motor and extended long enough to clear the pump due to the small clearance between the pump and the inside of the casing. Cable joints have to be made between the motor lead extension cables to the flat or round configuration power cables.

OriSun splicing materials are proven products, covers Hi-tem Teflon Tape, Hi-Modulus Teflon Tape, Teflon TPFE tape, Hi-tem Glass Tape and Ni-compress


Hi modulud tapePTFE TAPE, High modulus Teflon film, Sintered extruded, chemically edged on both sides with one side coated with pressure. Sensitive acrylic adhesive
Operating Temperature: -80 to 250. Roll: 10m, width 25mm,  Thickness 0.125mm
FEP TAPE, High temperature Teflon film, chemically etched on both sides with one side coated with sensitive silicon adhesive.
Operating Temperature: up to 210. Dielectric Strength: 115MV.m , Roll: 10m, width 25mm, thickness 0.08mm
PTFE Tape, with no adhesivePTFE TAPE with no adhesive.
Operating Temperature: -190 to 250. Roll: 33m, width 25mm,  Thickness 0.125mm
3M Glass Cloth Tape 79 is a glass cloth electrical tape with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Thick 0,178 mm.
Roll size 1" x 60yds.  150ºC
3M #33+ The tape is based on PVC and/or its copolymers and has a rubber based, pressure sensitive adhesive.
Roll size 3/4" x 66ft x 7 mil.
3M 33+™ Vinyl Electrical Tape is based on PVC and/or its copolymers and has a rubber-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive.
Roll size: 3/4 in. x 66 ft
Scotch Super 88 Electrical Tape is a premium grade, 0.2mm thick, all-weather vinyl insulating tape. It is designed to perform continuously in a temperature ambient of -40C to 105C.
Roll Size 3/4" x 66ft.
3M Tape 130Cis a highly conformable, linerless, EPR, high-voltage insulating tape. The tape is designed for use in splicing and terminating wires and cables.
Roll size 3/4 x30 ft.


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