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HCW-7.5 Cable Spooler


HCW-7.5 Hydraulic cable spooler is used for pull out and receives cables, consisting of a set of hydraulic drive system, power distribution system, hydraulic station system, hydraulic drive system, planetary gear reducer system, lifting system and frame support system, etc. Hydraulic retractable machine is equipped with shuttle valves and balance valves. Shuttle Valve is used to control brake and balance valve is used to prevent the winch from dropping due to its body weight; and keeps it running in a steady speed. Therefore, the hydraulic winch, with stepless change lifting or lowering speed, is in good performance at starting, smooth operation, safe and reliable, easy to install, excellent anti bittern corrosion, anti-seawater erosion, provide additional power supply requirements. It can be widely used in the oil field, offshore platform, and some other sectors with cable laying and receiving process.


Code No:
Cable Winch
Supply and distribution systems
Winch size:
Input Power
AC380V (50Hz)
Winch speed:
Driving Mass:
10T Max.
Output voltage:
AC380V (50Hz)
Output Torque. Rated:
2700 N.m
Anti-hazard Classification:
Exd II BT6,
Output torque, Max
3000 N.m
Enclosure Protection Level:
Transmission Ratio:
Rated Current
16 A
Hydraulic pressure system
Device Parameters
hydraulic system flow
1.8 L/r
Overall Dimensions:
Rated Pressure:
16 Mpa
Weight (fill up tank)
1880 kg
House Power, Motor
7.5 kw

Main feature
Full hydraulic pressure drive, hydraulic control, positive and negative rotation, stepless speed regulation, shut off with hydraulic auto-brake, stable running and easy to operate.
Hydraulic system is designed with bypass conduit, cable winch and has positive and negative control and it can be dragged while it is in brake.
Top quality components are selected for the hydraulic system, its reliability is improved.
Transmission box adopts planetary gear reducer with low noise, small volume, light weight, easy installation, reliable transmission.
Marine flame-proof motor and corrosion resistant material are used for Hydraulic station motor
Bearing stainless sitting cover is made in stainless steel, open heavy duty, widen sliding bearing and oil injection or greasing nozzles. It can be bearing heavy load, easy installation and dismantling quick, convenient maintenance.
Its frames are made with thick wall square steel pipe in high strength and light weight.
Power distribution system is designed with SST 316L anticorrosive enclosure and explosion protection switch, level ExdII BT6, suitable for well drilling or oil production on the offshore platforms.
Control panel is simple, easy to manipulate, secure and reliable.
Spooler frame with strong corrosion resistance, that is processed by pre-sandblasting cleaning first, and then using high adsorption painting and subsequent anti-corrosion technology to increase its anti-corrosive ability,
The "Return Tube" is used to connect with hydraulic fuel tank to maintain the pressure balance and prevent dust and condensed liquids from getting into the tank.


About Us Products Tech Support Message Contact Us
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